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Do you need help because your YouTube channel is not getting the recognition and engagement it should be getting? Well… we’ve got everything to change that! Let Fleekbiz take the reins and guide you toward unleashing your maximum potential! Your channel won’t be stagnant anymore as we use the use latest techniques and tools to optimize your content, improve engagement, and expand your reach on the world's most popular video platform. Our team of specialists will help you create a customized marketing plan catering to your channel’s needs and goals. This strategy will include conducting in-depth keyword research and analyzing your audience demographics. Then, we’ll create marketing and content plans that reflect your vision and use data-driven insights to back our approach.

Not only just the research, but we'll also take care of all the technical details, such as optimizing your video titles, descriptions, and tags for maximum visibility. We’ll polish everything to perfection and ensure your channel is fully optimized for search engines. We don’t even start there, we'll work with you to design effective video ad campaigns to get your content in front of potentially interested audience. We’ll accomplish this by advanced targeting techniques, based on demographics, interests, likes/dislikes, or other factors. Want to see your YouTube channel’s success? Then why wait? Contact us today to get started and skyrocket your channel to the moon and beyond!


We strive to provide tailored YouTube marketing services to everyone who entrusts us with their online business growth. Regardless of the niche, we provide everything from ad campaigns, to search engines and content optimization, all backed by a robust strategy. Check out some of the impressive work we’ve done for our clients!

Why Choose Us

When it comes to YouTube marketing, several forces are at play. From SEO content analysis and optimization to analytics, and more, we’re expert at everything! We’ll make sure your channel gets threefold the engagements it previously had. We continually use in-depth research and data analysis to create strategies that improve your performance and reach more users!

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Creating & Optimizing

First things first, let's create your channel on YouTube. It's your image, so we ensure that it looks perfect and appeals to your target audience, aligning with your branding and niche. After figuring out what you want your channel to convey, we can move onto optimizing your account. Optimization might sound scary, but don’t worry! We’ll do our best to make your channel look good to YouTube's algorithm. This will help build organic traffic and get your videos in front of more eyes.

Marketing can feel overwhelming. This is where we come in with a personalized approach to YouTube Ads. We'll help you craft the perfect brand message that connects with your target audience. Whether you're looking to generate more leads for your business or want to maximize your YouTube channel’s reach, we’ll make it happen for you! We’ll work with you to identify the best level of marketing funnel for your goals and audience, so you can be sure that your content is optimized for maximum reach. Our strategic approach delivers the results you want quickly. Need help taking your channel to the next level? Let us lend a hand. Contact us today and let's start creating a YouTube Ad that leaves your audience in awe.

Influencers have massive followings on social media, making them ideal for elevating your brand. Our team will help you discover the perfect influencers to review your brand, discuss your products/services, and create UGC. And you know what’s even better? We'll join forces with you and the influencers to make sure their vibe fits your brand. Whether you crave more followers or spread the word about your brand, we've got your back. We're the specialists of all things PR, and we know how to get you noticed in all the right ways.

Our dedicated team of YouTube marketing experts is always on the ball, keeping a watchful eye on your campaigns and making sure they're performing properly. You want success and we want to give it to you! With daily/weekly reports and check-ins, we'll keep you in the loop on your YouTube marketing campaigns. If something isn't vibing, rest assured we'll inform you. We'll even showcase the hot videos, best ads, and your audience's favorite content. With this information, we will work together to make the campaigns even better! Our team is standing by and ready to help you crush it!

YouTube is not just for cat videos, but a savvy tool for bolstering SEO and ensuring your business catches the right peeps' attention! And that's exactly why we’re here! We’ll create a video marketing strategy that fits your business. We'll take advantage of YouTube's high rankings on Google's search page to get your content in front of the interested audience. But it's not just about SEO. we’ll help you build trust with your audience by creating high-quality videos that showcase your business in the best possible light. And a greater trust means that your audience is more likely to become loyal customers.

Retargeting means you're not missing out on anyone from your potential customer base. We’ll use retargeting YouTube marketing strategies to target that part of your audience who has already seen or engaged with your ads. These people have previously shown interest in your business by watching your videos or engaging with your ads. Why not remind them why you're better than the competition? We can help you increase sales or build brand awareness!

Transparent Pricing

Stop missing out on opportunities and make the most out of your YouTube channel with our YouTube marketing packages! Get in touch now and discover how we can help you maximize your presence on YouTube and become the next sensation.

  • Basic

    • Social Channels(Facebook, Instagram)
    • Social Media Audit
    • Set Up and Optimization Of Business Page/Profile
    • Page Management
    • Weekly 2 Posts
    • Content Calendar
    • Content Creation
    • Monthly Reporting & Goal Evaluation
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  • Standard

    • Social Channels(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
    • Social Media Audit
    • Set Up and Optimization Of Business Page/Profile
    • Page Management
    • Weekly 3 Posts
    • Content Calendar
    • Hashtag Optimization
    • Community Management
    • Social Media Engagement Campaigns
    • Advertisement Campaigns ( Ads Payment Not Included ) Upto $100
    • Monthly Reporting & Goal Evaluation
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  • Premium

    • Social Channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,LinkedIn)
    • Social Media Audit
    • Set Up and Optimization Of Business Page/Profile
    • Page Management
    • Weekly 4 Posts
    • Content Calendar
    • Content Creation
    • Hashtag Optimization
    • Community Management
    • Reputation Management
    • Social Media Engagement Campaigns
    • Advertisment Campaigns ( Ads Payment Not Included ) Upto $200
    • Monthly Reporting & Goal Evaluation
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  • How much does YouTube marketing cost?

    Our YouTube marketing packages cost start at $299 per month. YouTube marketing costs can vary drastically based on the services you need – like video production, content creation, or analytics – and the scope of your project. Although it can seem expensive, investing in a successful campaign can yield big returns for your brand.

  • What YouTube marketing services do you offer?

    We provide YouTube marketing services with a comprehensive range of solutions tailored to fit your digital marketing goals. Our experts specialize in video production, channel optimization, audience targeting, ad placement, analytics, and social media management. Count on us to guide you from strategy to execution and all the way to reporting. We ensure maximum impact for your investment.

  • How you measure your YouTube marketing campaign success?

    In the dynamic marketing landscape, the success of a campaign depends on various factors. We use various metrics to gauge the effectiveness of our efforts, from views and engagement to conversions and revenue. Analytics tools help us track user behavior and better understand our audience, enabling us to make data-driven decisions. Our primary goal is to exceed your expectations and deliver tangible results through effective campaigns.

  • How can you help me reach my target audience?

    To have a successful marketing campaign, it's important to know your target audience well. We can help you here. Our experts provide services that help you understand your audience's needs and behavior. Tailored strategies based on your unique goals and objectives, combined with cutting-edge analytics tools to track user behavior, make a perfect marketing solution. We'll help you reach your target audience effectively and achieve business objectives.

  • Can you help me optimize my channel for search engines?

    Our team can help by optimizing your channel for search engines with our proven methods. We'll conduct extensive keyword research, produce high-quality content, and employ best practices for metadata, tagging, and descriptions. With our help, your channel will stand out and attract your desired audience.

  • Can you help me develop a content strategy?

    We're experts in helping clients develop a customized content strategy that drives growth. Our approach includes researching your target audience, identifying opportunities to differentiate from competitors, and guiding content creation and promotion. With our video optimization expertise, we'll help your content reach its full potential and resonate with your audience. Let us take your content strategy to the next level.

Great finished product and timely delivery. I enjoyed working with Fleekbiz and feel I got my money’s worth.


Despite my lack of knowledge of the development process, everything went smoothly. Completely in love with the results!


Helped us analyze where our brand strategy lacked. I highly recommend Fleekbiz for startups or established businesses!


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