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Ready to make your brand the talk of the town? Fleekbiz, your premier social media marketing agency in Houston, has a team of strategists ready to expand your brand’s digital reach by leaps and bounds! Let's turn your digital presence into a place full of engagements and connections – increasing your sales and revenue!

Transforming your social media presence with our customized social media management services so you can watch your business thrive!

Are you looking to take your business's social media presence to the next level? You are at the right place! With our experienced team of social media marketing professionals at Fleekbiz, the top-tier social media marketing agency in Houston, boasts an experienced team of professionals ready to take your brand's digital presence to new heights. With years of experience in the industry, we provide tailored campaigns that reach target audiences and help you optimize your presence on the platform through content creation and analysis. We combine audit and analysis with creative strategies to achieve maximum success for each of our clients. We are committed to staying updated in the constantly evolving digital realm and equipping our customers with cutting-edge solutions.

We aim at maximizing success for every project by utilizing comprehensive research, data-driven insights, and creative strategy. Our mission is to deliver superior results through exceptional social media marketing services. We guarantee improved customer engagement, increased brand recognition, and a strategy for long-term success. In short, we are here to help your business thrive! With help from our experienced strategists, get ready to take your online presence to the next level – we’ll make sure your brand becomes the talk of the town! It's time for you to unlock new opportunities and maximize your online reach.


At Fleekbiz, we strive to provide tailored social media services for every client that entrusts us with their online business growth. Our team of strategists are dedicated and passionate in helping you reach your goals, while creating amazing results! Take a look at some of the impressive work we’ve done!

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Our team of digital marketers can help boost your brand's presence and performance on social media. We use in-depth research and data analysis to create strategies that improve your performance, reach more users, and deliver captivating content tailored just for them!

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Facebook Marketing

We have a team of engagement-driven strategists who specialize in content optimization and social media marketing. You can make use of powerful features such as full funnel targeting, engagement optimization, audience targeting and various ad formats to customize the experience of your customers so they remain loyal to your brand. With Facebook Marketing Services like organic and paid Facebook ads, we can help you get new customers. Not to mention the rising trend of using Facebook as an ecommerce marketplace. We will optimize all aspects of your tracking, campaign management, analytics, potential audiences, and creative services to ensure you get the maximum results from Facebook.

Instagram Marketing

With our services, you can make the most out of Instagram and reach out to targeted audiences by means of targeted ads and hashtags. Use of Instagram is on the rise and we are now in the era of viral content. Influencer marketing can be used to exponentially increase the brand reach by means of viral content. This opens up new possibilities for businesses to make connections with influencers as well as target audiences. Our influencer marketing solutions can help you engage on a much deeper level and create relationships that will see lasting success in the long run. Moreover, Instagram can also be used to generate sales as a secondary marketplace. On top of that, we can help you reach even more audiences and generate more sales by effectively using Instagram paid advertisements.

Twitter Marketing

Our Twitter Marketing Services used in conjunction with a carefully crafted Twitter marketing strategy, will allow you to create genuine connections with customers through direct messages. Twitter will also help you build a brand persona, therefore building an emotional connection with your followers. These followers will later become believers, and ultimately help increase brand loyalty. Whatever services you require for your marketing campaigns, from strategizing to having one-on-one conversations, we can ensure that you get the most out of Twitter!

YouTube Marketing

Fleekbiz provides services like YouTube video creation services, video editing, content strategy, thumbnail creation, and caption generation! Our experienced team can help you find success in the changing landscape of YouTube Marketing. Not only will we help you capture more audience attention, but also make sure that you portray yourself impactfully, thus boosting your credibility as a brand. With our strategies, we’ll help you increase your reach by means of organic views and subscribers. Also, we will provide you with YouTube advertisement strategies, insights, and content strategies on how you should carry out your campaigns to reach a larger pool of potential customers. Don't wait any longer!

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn has been a powerful force to help companies create meaningful relationships with their clients, as it grants access to an environment of professionals and potential customers. Our Linkedin Marketing team knows how to make use of LinkedIn's potential to help your brand grow by means of meaningful connections and advertisements. Our experts will help you generate the strategies for lead generation and B2B interactions. Don't wait any longer and contact us today, and we’ll help you take advantage of all that LinkedIn has to offer!

TikTok Marketing

With TikTok’s huge database, it provides something for every audience imaginable, from young gamers to older age persons. Making the full use of the platform, we can help push your brand to new heights by means of Tiktok influencer marketing and advertisements. Utilizing influencers to tap into their extensive network gives you an excellent chance of expanding your presence and reaching a larger pool of target customers. Your business is sure to stand out from the crowd and the results will be seen within a short amount of time. Don’t wait! Let us help you increase your customer base on TikTok today!

Snapchat Marketing

Our services are the perfect way to take advantage of the Latest Snapchat Marketing Strategies to reach a younger audience! With our services, you can be sure that engagement and brand awareness for your website will receive a boost by means of paid advertisements and sponsorships. Snapchat marketing is a golden opportunity for businesses to engage with a young, ever-growing audience and increase followers. Don't let this unique chance pass you by!

Transparent Pricing

Stop missing out on opportunities and make the most out of your social presence with our social media marketing packages! Get in touch now and discover how we can help you maximize your digital impact.

  • Basic

    • Social Channels(Facebook, Instagram)
    • Social Media Audit
    • Set Up and Optimization Of Business Page/Profile
    • Page Management
    • Weekly 3 Posts
    • Content Calendar
    • Content Creation
    • Hashtag Optimization
    • Monthly Reporting & Goal Evaluation
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  • Standard

    • Social Channels(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
    • Social Media Audit
    • Set Up and Optimization Of Business Page/Profile
    • Page Management
    • Weekly 4 Posts
    • Content Calendar
    • Hashtag Optimization
    • Community Management
    • Social Media Engagement Campaigns
    • Advertisement Campaigns ( Ads Payment Not Included ) Upto $100
    • Monthly Reporting & Goal Evaluation
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  • Premium

    • Social Channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,LinkedIn)
    • Social Media Audit
    • Set Up and Optimization Of Business Page/Profile
    • Page Management
    • Weekly 5 Posts
    • Content Calendar
    • Content Creation
    • Hashtag Optimization
    • Community Management
    • Reputation Management
    • Social Media Engagement Campaigns
    • Advertisment Campaigns ( Ads Payment Not Included ) Upto $200
    • Monthly Reporting & Goal Evaluation
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  • How can social media marketing benefit my business?

    You can tap into a vast number of potential customers with social media marketing and find the exact ones who are most likely to be interested in your products or services. Moreover, it's also a great way to boost your brand recognition and credibility with potential buyers while propelling more visitors towards your website. Additionally, you would be able to have a better understanding of your customers’ preferences.

  • What kind of social media marketing services do you offer?

    We offer comprehensive social media solutions including
    -Account Building
    -Performance Tracking
    -Influencer Marketing
    -Content Strategy
    -Leads Generation and Advertising.
    Also, our team of experts can help you create compelling content guaranteed to draw engagement from users all over the internet.

  • How is the success of a social media marketing campaign measured?

    An effective social media campaign is like a finely tuned machine. Which means that each of its components needs to be optimized for maximum results. Metrics such as reach, engagement and conversions can measure the success of social media marketing strategies while website traffic tells you if those actions actually impacted bottom line metrics that matter most. With careful selection and monitoring of these key indicators, we help businesses develop marketing strategies!

  • Can you help me create a social media strategy?

    Absolutely! We'll help you craft a powerful social media strategy to take your marketing goals to the next level and reach your desired audience. From market research and target identification, we can uncover which platforms they use most often, so that every post is tailored for maximum impact.

  • How much does social media marketing cost?

    The cost of social media marketing can vary ranging from a few hundred to thousands of dollars per month, depending on what services you require. It's important to determine your needs first before shopping around. Feel free to reach out to us if you need any clarifications!

  • Can you guarantee results from social media marketing?

    Social media marketing can be incredibly powerful, but countless factors influence the outcome of your campaign and whether or not it will yield desired results. These factors range from content quality to audience preferences to competition. An intelligently executed strategy could help gain more attention for your brand and help get a higher engagement rate!

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