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The Hidden Truth of Influencer Marketing Discovered Through Watching Wild Cats Fight

By Editorial Team
Don’t think that topic has nothing to do with influencer marketing. The ‘cat fight’ phrase enhances curiosity. That’s how brands get more gazes by creating a spark that makes customers curious and urges their desires to connect and make purchases. However, including the human element makes this trick more interesting and falls into the influencer marketing category.

How Does Marketing Influence Consumer Behavior?

Curiosity leads to action, and the same method applies to digital marketing when it comes to influencer marketing solutions. The influencer marketing industry reached $21.2 billion worldwide in 2023. Well, brands that create meaningful relationships with their audience avail better brand positions to rule the long-term success.    Hence, to build a strong relationship with their customers and followers, brands get into the elements of wisdom to work with renowned influencers who can communicate the brand’s ‘sales message’ effectively. With this approach, brands can have an edge over their competitors and stand out from the crowd.

What Is Influencer Marketing: The Enigmatic Genesis Of Stardom

Influencer Marketing: A game-changing strategy that thrives on individuals with a devoted following. These influencers show their power with flair, effortlessly promoting products and services to captivated audiences.    In today’s digital era, influencer marketing has become a game-changer for businesses to connect with their desired target audience. With the skyrocketing popularity of social media platforms and the growing trust in online recommendations, influencers have emerged as rockstar assets for brands aiming to boost their reach and engagement.    Influence Is The Ability To Drive Actions During The Early Days of the digital journey, influencers prioritize crafting authentic content that truly connects with their inner circle – friends, family, and close associates. As their content gains traction, its influence expands, reaching out to friends and like-minded individuals and creating a wider circle of connection. It’s like a ripple effect, building a vibrant network that shapes the influencer’s very own Circle of Influence!    These could be friends, family members, colleagues, or celebrities – basically anyone whose opinion and recommendations hold weight in the eyes of an individual.   Influencers, by definition, have a strong circle of influence. Their followers look up to them for advice and guidance on various topics, making their recommendations highly influential.  

What Is The Premise Behind Influencer Marketing?

Some premises work effectively behind the curtains of influencer marketing strategies worldwide. I hope you will find these tips influential and advantageous simultaneously.   

1: Knowing Your Audience Characteristics

  If you are working with the influencer, you should know that you are targeting the right audience, and it will take action towards the products or services. Here are more things to know to get better results through your influencer marketing campaigns.  
  • Audience Interests
  • Audience Demographics 
  • Audience Needs
  • Audience Demands

2: Influencer Identification And Selection 

  Finding the best influencer is like biting off more than you can chew. Identify the influencers that match your business niches and select them based on their experiences and impact on the audience. You can also work with an influencer marketing agency or find out the best influencers on influencer marketing platforms.   

3: Content Provide And Support To Influencers

  As an advertiser, you should hook influencers up with the right content. That way, they’ll grasp your products, services, and business niche like a pro and promote them efficiently and in style.   
  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • Testimonials
  • Product knowledge

4: Contact And Contract

  Huge companies team up with many incredible influencers and dig into their success rates. Ensure your contract aligns with the essential marketing factors you’ve considered for your brands. It is easier for influencer marketing platforms to analyze these factors effectively:    Which influencer is promoting the right way? Which influencer is saving the company costs at a higher level? Which influencer benefits the company most?  

How Does Influencer Marketing Work? A Powerful Strategy

  There are so many do’s and don’ts of influencer marketing, but here are some significant elements of how influencer marketing works. We have shared a mindful influencer marketing strategy to help you understand the core factors when skyrocketing your brands.  

Set Your Goals 

Ensure your marketing goals before hiring an influencer as a brand or individual. What you want matters a lot. Do you want to build brand awareness or desire to promote your services? Might be you want such these things;  
  • Sales.
  • Email list building.
  • Free-trial Sign-ups.
  • Improve conversions.
  • Newsletter Subscriptions.
  • Increase social engagement and interactions.

Example: More Sales = 2x return on marketing investment


Defining Your  Budgets

  As an entrepreneur or brand, keeping your budget in mind is vital to rocking your campaign – whether you’re in the red or green. Just crunch those numbers and calculate the cost per influencer.  


  Shipping: $100 Cost of goods: $90 —————————- Budget per influencer = $25   If you are working with 10 influencers at the start of your campaign 25x 10 = $250   (budget per influencer + number of influencer) = campaign cost   We suggest starting with a small budget to get a feel for your campaign costs and see if influencer marketing hits the sweet spot for your business!    You can negotiate and play around with it, but it can still give you a pretty good idea of where your campaign will take your influencer marketing concept! 

Find The Ideal Influencers

  There are three types of incredible influencers in the market who rock at promoting brands and their products. So, let’s dive in and uncover some juicy details!  
  • Nano Influencers 
  • Mid-tier Influencers
  • Large Influencers

Pros And Cons Of Each Category:

NANO: Less than 10K followers

Nano influencers are like black widows because their audience doesn’t expect them to sell something instead of making stuff outside of their niches.   

Pro: Brands work with them because their audience is small, genuine, and dedicated. 

Con: Lack of Experience, Less time because they don’t do this for a living purpose.


Mid-Tier: 10k -100k followers

They deliver fantastic results and establish a dynamic two-way connection with their audience. It’s a win-win situation!   

Pro: Return on investment.

Con: They are looking for financial compensation.

Respect them because they do it for a living purpose as a full-time job.  

Large influencer: 100k -1M followers

Working with them is an absolute blast! When their audience is engaged and relevant to your business, hold onto your hat because their content and reach will swiftly impact your business. They can urge their audience to act regarding their services or products.  

Pro: Bigger Reach. Immediate impact on business.


Con: Due to their bigger audience, their audience is big worldwide, and its reach is vast, including Australia, London, and NYC. You can’t ship products there, so 20-40% of the audience may not be interested in your products. Don’t go over the numbers.


Find The Right Niche Influencers 

  Finding the best influencers that match your business niche is essential to run effective influencer marketing campaigns. You can work on these software to get the desired results.


Dovetale is a data-focused influencer marketing platform for businesses that lets users easily manage and track the results of their marketing collaborations with creative partners. It also helps marketers locate and identify the relevant influencers with the right attributes for their brands.   
  • You can find the best Instagrammers and YouTubers. 
  • You can search by specific keywords.
  • You can search by locations, niches, and audiences.
  • You can even send messages to influencers.
  • Dovetale has a 14 days free trial, so enjoy the show.


  • Do not search TIKTOK influencers on Dovetale. 
  • Use ‘Hypetrace’ to find TikTok influencers.

Validate Your Influencers

  Alright, let’s dive into some keys to check out the statuses of the influencers you’ll be working with. Here we go!  
  • Please take a peek at their previous works! Dive into their portfolios and give their social media accounts a little stalk for more juicy details about them. 
  • How efficient and knowledgeable are they? Well, it’s your universal right to put their creativity and knowledge of influencer marketing to the test! 
  • Check out their audience authentication! See how engaged their audience is and how accurate their followers are. It’s key to making a solid deal! 

How do you reach out to influencers to promote your product?

  Feel free to say, directly ask, or slide in their DMs. No matter how many followers they have, they don’t always have thousands of dms. So relax!   Write a concise and clear msg to all of them. First, introduce yourself. Then tell them about you and give them genuine compliments. Next, tell them exactly why you are reaching out to them. Softly explain your expectations or propose a relationship. Let them know where they can find you. Share your social media handles and websites, etc.   
  • Don’t make it too long.
  • Don’t make it all about you.
  • You can even send voice notes and all.


My name is this this this, and I am a brand manager of this brand. I have seen your videos and am flattered and inspired. I want collaboration for my this this. If interested, please send me back. I would love to work with you. Thanks 
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The Hidden Truth of Influencer Marketing –

How Will You Create Content With Your Influencers?

Alright, here’s the deal: when it comes to working with influencers for your brands, you have to know a few things. Trust me, it will be smooth sailing once you nail these tips!  

Types Of Content

  You can talk about the content they create for their channels, for other brands, and all. Also, please share your idea of what you want from them to get the best influencer marketing solutions.   
  • Youtube video – reviewing new collection
  • Instagram story – product shot
  • Instagram feed post – product shot
  You can ask them to integrate your keywords, highlight features, or brand story. Just go for it!


It’s time to negotiate terms with your influencer marketers so you can witness what you are actually looking for in no time.   
  • Specific requests

You can have lists of specific requests for the influencers to fulfill. But the influencers are creative, so you can leave it to them and let them play with their creative freedom. The recommendation is to give them creative freedom and let them do their best jobs. You can share scripts for essential messages and stuff at all.  
  • Where will the content live?

You can also talk about the content and where it will go to live, whether it’s a story post, Instagram post, or blog post. It is up to you what makes sense for your business.   
  • Timeline

Hey, make sure to ask them about the timeline of the live content. And guess what? You can totally mention it in your final draft, too!   

Put Plan Into Motion

Alright, it’s time to kick things into gear and put your plan into action with your chosen influencer! Reach out to them and inquire about those sweet business mentions. Remember to ask where they’ll be giving you a shoutout. Whether they will mention you on-screen descriptions, tag some awesome photos, or drop a link to your website. Remember to make them realize some catchy call-to-actions regarding your business or services.   
  • Compensation – bargain system

  You can ask about their rates and budgets for marketing your products. Get into cross-marketing, and it’s the popular way to carry out influencer relationships. You can sell their content on your social media. It’s a win-win situation for both parties.   

Stay Organized And Track Results 

  It takes more work to track results for so many influencers. If you are working with many influencers at a time, you can use a free tool, HUBSPOT. Here, you can make notes of people’s social media handles and shipping addresses; you can also write down the results the specific influencers brought to your business.    You can ask influencers to create a unique link in their descriptions so you can easily track how many people clicked that link and came to your website or business and made a purchase. The link is called the UTM code. It follows the campaign’s performances, which are easy to make at UTMMAKER.COM   You can ask them to create a SPECIAL DISCOUNT so the influencer can invite their audience to use the discount link to get a discount. You can track how many people used this discount link code and brought some serious business your way.   


Let’s mix it up and collaborate with diverse influencers! Explore various content styles and discover what works best for your industry. Influencer marketing can be a game-changer; using Meta advertising on Facebook is a surefire way to achieve great results!   If influencer marketing isn’t cutting it for you, no worries! Take a peek at digital marketing education to uncover winning strategies for your business. And hey, teaming up with an influencer marketing agency can also help you achieve those desired results. Let’s crush it! 
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The Hidden Truth of Influencer Marketing Discovered Through Watching Wild Cats Fight

Conclusion About Watching Wild Cats In Action

  Congrats on diving into influencer marketing! Get ready to attract potential customers from around the world and boost your business. Who knows? You might even make some new friends in the industry along the way!    Thanks for checking out the blog and expanding your knowledge on uncovering the hidden truth of influencer marketing by watching wild cats in action.

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