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Top 5 Alternatives to for Web Design

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In this digital era, having a website is essential for any business. But searching the web to find someone that can create your perfect web design may be time-consuming and overwhelming – until now! We’ve broken down as well as five alternatives so you don’t have to do the heavy lifting of researching all options. We consider your time valuable. With this breakdown, we save you valuable time while helping make sure your site looks exactly how it should! So sit back and read through the analysis we’ve made for you. What is is the go-to destination for all things related to digital business solutions! Based in the United States, it’s where you can find everything you need from UI/UX design and creative strategy to web development and SEO. has been the industry-leading agency in the above-mentioned fields. Below is a thorough breakdown of the pros and cons of


  • SEO-friendly

Websites built by Darwin are not just visually appealing – they are also SEO-friendly! Therefore, their web-building platform is for you if you are looking for a complete package for a winning web presence.
  • Dedicated Blogging Features

Blogging is an essential part of a website that helps draw engagement. It’s always important for businesses to have a website that has dedicated blogging features. Darwin has got you covered in this too!
  • Responsive

A glitchy website is always a big turn-off. Websites built with Darwin are responsive and work fluidly regardless of the device or browser setting.


  • Some of the features are glitchy

  • Users report that the web managing and messaging tools are sometimes glitchy, resulting in a disruption in the workflow.
  • Very expensive compared to the competition

Darwin is comparatively pricer than the competition.


Darwin’s pricing plan starts at $100 – $149 / hr.

Alternatives to


Fleekbiz is a website design agency based in Houston, Texas, and has years of industry-leading experience in the field of website design and development. Along with web design services, Fleekbiz provides specialized services like UI/UX design, search engine optimization (SEO), Social Media Management, and Logo Design. Fleekbiz has a team of experienced professionals in all of these fields along with expert marketers who know the ins and outs of any industry. fleekbiz website  


  • Custom Web Design

Fleekbiz turns your imagination into reality – designing the website of your dreams! Every aspect and design of your website is designed as per your unique idea of your website.
  • SEO-friendly

At Fleekbiz, websites are designed by taking SEO specialists on board. Therefore, these websites are 100% SEO-friendly and allow for easy search engine optimization.
  • Thorough Market and Competitors Analysis

Fleekbiz has a team of expert marketers who analyze the ins and outs of the market, study the competitors, and come up with the most effective way to market your website – resulting in higher engagement rates and customer satisfaction.
  • Dedicated Blogging Features

Blogging and content creation are essential to growing engagement among consumers. Fleekbiz knows this and therefore, their websites are equipped with the cutting-edge blogging features
  • Responsive

At Fleekbiz, websites are designed with taking cross-platform compatibility and responsiveness into consideration for a seamless and glitch-free experience – bringing value to the users without any hindrances.


  • No Trial Periods

Fleekbiz does not offer trial periods.
  • Hosting and Domain Sold as a Separate Service

Fleekbiz markets and sells hosting and domain as a separate service

2. Zo.Agency

Zö is a digital marketing agency based in the United States that offers various services like marketing strategy, UI/UX design, web design and development, and creative strategy. They specialize in designing human-centered designs that look and feel intuitive – allowing for increased engagement. Zö takes brand strategy and brand image very seriously! For that reason, they study their clients thoroughly and design strategies that cater to the individual needs of their clients. ZoAgency Alternative  


  • SEO-friendly

Zö specializes in crafting SEO-friendly websites that come with built-in navigability, so your websites can be found quickly by search engines. Although certain features may add up to the final pricing.
  • Responsive

Websites designed by Zö work seamlessly on various devices, regardless of the browser settings or the operating system. They have a team dedicated to usability testing which ensures their standard of functionality.
  • Market Analysis

Zö designs websites with a thorough market and competitor analysis – allowing their clients to stay ahead of the curve. 


  • Expensive Compared to Competitors

Zö may cost a bit more than the competition, but its pricing structure is based on how much time you actually use it – so budget accordingly!
  • No Trial Periods

Zö does not offer any trial periods.

3. is a digital business solutions agency with a team of like-minded enthusiasts who turn ideas into mind-blowing digital products, from web design and development to product designs. has been in the market for quite some time. With their experience spanning years, they know how to make the ends meet! As Utility is people-centered, they work in collaboration with their clients on every step for the best possible output. Alternative  


  • Custom Website Design offers website design services catered to your specific needs. They have the skills and expertise required to turn the imagination of your website into reality. Also, Utility markets itself as a people-centered enterprise, therefore, working with them will be a collaborative journey.
  • Industry Leading Experience is one of the leading design and development agencies in the US with years of experience. With this much experience and a people-centered approach, they know how to deliver the best possible outcome and keep the clients delighted.
  • SEO-friendly designs 100% SEO-friendly websites that allow for easy search engine optimization. Their websites are loaded with cutting-edge technologies so that their clients remain at ease in the future.
  • Responsive websites are designed by taking cross-platform compatibility into consideration. Regardless of the device or operating system, their websites will deliver the best value to the users.


  • No Trial Periods

The utility does not provide any trial period

Thrive is one of the leading design and development companies based in Seattle, Washington. Thrive has a team of experienced autonomous designers, developers, and strategists that have years of experience in their respective fields. The teams are from very diverse backgrounds and have been creating captivating, sleek, and secure websites for ages. Other than that, they work collaboratively with their clients and value inclusivity and connectivity. With a team of 55 full-time developers, they know how to deliver excellent products in a minimum time period.  Thrive Alternative  


  • Responsive

With years of experience in web building technology, websites designed by Thrive are top of the line and work as smooth as butter on any device – regardless of the operating system or browser settings. Their websites are optimized for fluid cross-platform functionality.
  • SEO-friendly

Websites designed by Thrive are designed using the most up-to-date methods. Their websites are 100% SEO-friendly and allow for easy and hassle-free search engine optimization. 
  • Loaded with Cutting-edge technology

Thrive websites are among the best websites you’ll come across on the internet. Top-notch functionality on their website is made possible by the use of cuddling-edge technology, along with their highly transparent and collaborative work model. 
  • Industry Leading Experience

Thrive has created website designs for many businesses, including many big brands. They are without a doubt among the big guns of the UI/UX design market.


  • No Trial Period

Thrive does not offer any trial period.
  • Expensive Compared to Competitors

Although Thrive delivers exceptional website designs, they are very expensive compared to other design companies out there. So, if you’re considering choosing Thrive, make sure to budget accordingly.
  • Do Not Provide Social Media Management

Thrive is an amazing digital agency but lacks the domain of social media marketing. 

5. Brand Vision

Brand Vision is a digital agency that creates amazing and stunning user interfaces, with an emphasis on minimalism. Brand Vision mainly markets itself towards startups or small to medium businesses. If you’re looking for a design agency that understands and empathizes with your startup journey in the form of stunning and bold designs, Brand Vision is the way to go! BrandVision Alternative  


  • Vibrant and Catchy Designs

Brand Vision crafts high-energy, eye-catching designs that leave users wanting more. Plus with their full suite of user interface services – from delighting visitors on multiple levels with vivid visuals to fine-tuning every detail – you can be sure they’ve got it all covered. 
  • Responsiveness

Brand Vision makes their websites smooth as silk with their web-building experience and expertise. No matter your device or browser settings, you can always expect a seamless experience. Plus, it’s all optimized for cross-platform functionality – perfect for the modern digital world
  • SEO-friendly

At Brand Vision they create sites with your SEO needs in mind; their 100% search engine-friendly design ensures you won’t be missing out on any potential customers.


  • Not a very diverse portfolio

Although Brand Vision makes amazing websites and brand strategies they do not provide other digital services like graphic designs, social media marketing, SEO, etc. 

Finding the Best Web Design Agency For You

Choosing the best design agency is basically striking a balance between the affordability and skill set of the designers. Whichever design agency you choose, review their portfolio and ensure they’re up to mark when it comes to the market trends in regard to web development & design standards. To make things smooth, you can choose a company that provides the most services such as logo designing for your brand, UI/UX design, SEO, social media marketing, etc. Also, be mindful of the budget requirements by looking into different pricing options that offer high-quality services at competitive prices! It’s always best to do the research when investing in your website.

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