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Your website is your brand’s digital forefront and we are here to help you portray that in the most beautiful and interactive way possible. Fleekbiz is a web design agency in Houston with a team of maestros who know their way with captivating designs! We’ll make sure you and your users fall in love with your website, and keep coming again!

Houston's Paradigm Shift with Custom Web Design Services with Next-Gen Web Design Agency, Fleekbiz

Are you sick of your business being held back by a stagnant and dull website? Look nowhere else! Houston's premier web design agency, Fleekbiz is here to help you take the lead! We build websites that are quick, responsive, smooth, and accessible to fulfill the needs of your target audience by employing the most recent technologies and industry standards. We have our ways in making our clients skyrocket the charts! Our strategy is tailored to your needs, and we collaborate closely with you to understand your distinct brand values and goals and then integrate those into a web design that is both aesthetically pleasing and easy to use.

Consider a website as the face of your brand! It’s the most important and never-to-be-ignored element of any successful business enterprise. Worry no more about your brand’s persona and count on our expertise to promptly set you up with a fully-optimized, responsive, and gleaming website that will attract visitors and enhance online sales! Along with developing websites, we work with a range of website-building platforms like WordPress, Shopify, or Wix so we can meet diverse needs of our clients. You can count on us in designing top-notch websites, from food delivery services to ecommerce storefronts, that are perfectly tailored for small to medium enterprises. Our team of professionals will create web designs that you won't be dissatisfied with, so relax and let us handle everything for you.


We strive to bring your innovative vision of your website to life. With a passionate team of experienced professionals and an ongoing commitment to our clients, we turn dreams into reality! We've already helped countless businesses revamp their websites - so why not join them? Let us show you some of the beautiful and inspiring web designs that highlight the amazing journeys we have taken with our clients on this rewarding path.

Why Choose Us

At Fleekbiz, we delve deep into the essence of your brand to create designs that are not only true to its values, but also bring value to users right from the start. Not only do we craft aesthetically appealing web designs, we also keenly focus on providing a memorable, satisfying experience for every user.

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    Design & Development

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Chronology of Web Design Process

Our web design process is precision-driven and ensures that every project achieves the highest quality standards. We deeply study your brand and its values and analyze the potential design on the basis of those studies. The first steps involve carefully planning and strategizing the core idea of the design, followed by the development and programming. Once the web design is finalized, the web content writing is done, followed by beta testing and quality assurance. Once everything is set in place, the website is officially launched. After the website is live, maintenance updates and enhancements are put in place to make sure the website runs smoothly and remains up to date with the latest trends. You can have the website of your dream with us! Contact us today to get started!

Custom Web Design

It's time to take your business to the next level with custom and responsive web design services from Fleekbiz! You just have to think about it, and we’ll turn your imagination of your website to reality, making it distinct from the competition! Our experienced developers are ready to deliver creative design solutions catered specifically to your needs, ranging from landing pages to ecommerce sites. Also, if you're not satisfied with your existing website, we will offer website redesign services to turn your website as per your unique imagination, just the way you want it to be! We, at Fleekbiz, are ready to deliver a website experience that'll leave you in awe! So what are you waiting for? Get started now!

Accessibility and Compatibility

When it comes to web design solutions for Restaurants, Dental and Fitness, we believe cross-platform compatibility is key. That's why each of our designs are created with careful attention to detail to ensure that the user experience remains consistent and pleasant on any device. Our prototypes undergo thorough testing to ensure that the websites are free from any glitches or bugs. We also take accessibility into consideration with every project and ensure all design elements coordinate perfectly on even small mobile devices for a truly seamless and mobile-friendly experience.

Adaptation of Design Trends

Our web design projects are customized to each customer so that their websites are modern, thorough, and familiar. We use a step-by-step approach for creating web design solutions that are intuitive to use and aesthetically pleasing. We understand how important it is for our clients to have a website that meets their expectations. Therefore, we take into consideration the current trends and integrate them in our design so that our clients are pleased with the end result. With our designs, we want to ensure that your website is tailored to your exact specifications, with thoughtful consideration of how your potential users will interact with it from start to finish. You can count on us for web design solutions that are modern and comprehensive, from sketching out the idea all the way up to launch!

Transparent Pricing

Let us help you take control of your online presence! Our packages of custom web design services are designed to accommodate any brand and price range. Get in touch with us today, and find out how we can work together!

  • Basic

    • Custom Webpage Design
    • Contact Form
    • Mobile Responsive
    • SEO Optimised

    Add on $150

    • Web hosting for 12 months
    • 1 E-mail (Storage up to 100MB)
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  • Advance

    • Custom Webpage Design
    • Contact Forms
    • Mobile Responsive
    • Google Analytics Included
    • SEO Optimised
    • Content Management System
    • Number of Pages x 6

    Add on $150

    • Web hosting for 12 months
    • 3 E-mail (Storage up to 100MB)
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  • Premium

    • Custom Webpage Design
    • Contact Forms
    • Mobile Responsive
    • Social Networks Integration
    • Secure Payment Integration via PayPal
    • Products Capacity Unlimited
    • Unlimited Categories Capacity
    • Stock Control
    • Coupon Code Management
    • Volume Discount Feature
    • Number of Pages Unlimited
    • Content Management System

    Add on $150

    • Web hosting for 12 months
    • 5 E-mail (Storage up to 100MB)
    • Data Entry Service / Product Uploading
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  • How does web design improve your product or business?

    To put it simply, good design will result in more user engagement, and increased user engagement will ultimately lead to more sales and revenue. Good design helps your business stand out from the competition, acting as a form of digital identity that creates customer loyalty and boosts sales revenue, therefore, adding up to your marketing strategy! A well-designed website can be key to enabling your users to achieve their goals effectively without any distractions and complexity. Thus, helping them avoid frustrations in accomplishing everyday tasks.

  • How Much Does a Web Design cost?

    A web design typically costs between $500 to $10000. When planning your website, it's always important to keep in mind the amount of resources required. Also, the cost and complexity of designing a website can vary depending on the kind of features you need. For any guidance in your web design vision, please feel free to get in touch with us! We look forward to working together towards creating something special!

  • What should I look for in a web design service provider?

    When selecting a web design service provider, it's essential to make sure that they have the skills needed to create an effective website tailored for your needs. Take time to review their portfolio and make sure they're aware of the market trends in regards to web development & design standards. Also be mindful of budget constraints by looking into different pricing options that offer the high quality services at competitive prices! If you have any confusion regarding any of these points, get in touch with us and we’ll get you started!

  • How long does it take to design a website?

    We will design your website in as little as 3 working days to one week. As designing an effective website is not a simple task, it depends on the complexity, required functionality, and other determining factors. Therefore, designing simple websites can take days whereas comprehensive projects can take weeks or months of careful attention. For any further details regarding the time and cost required, please feel free to get in touch with us!

  • Can I design my own website or do I need to hire a professional service?

    Yes, you can design your own website! But designing a website requires special skills and time. As time is money, you should invest it in something more fruitful such as business development or marketing. Leave the web designing to us! Also, professional web design services provide an invaluable asset to businesses looking for a competitive advantage. As web design professionals are equipped with expertise in user experience, interface design and industry-leading tools & techniques, they can help identify usability issues and create better experiences that drive value and make your digital presence impactful.

  • Which web building platform do you work with?

    We work with a variety of web building platforms and content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Wix, Shopify, Webflow, Squarespace, and many more! Each platform is equipped with JavaScript, CSS, React Native and PHP, allowing for as much customization as you desire! And when it comes time for maintenance or updates, rest assured knowing our services are always fast and trustworthy. For any queries about what platform to choose, please get in touch with us and we’ll be pleased to assist you!

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