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Power up your brand with our superhuman merchandise design services in Houston! Our capes are made of creativity, our minds are fueled by innovation, and our mission is to make your merchandise fly off the shelves. Fleekbiz is a design agency in Houston and we'll take your vision and turn it into a heroic reality, leaving your customers with a lasting impression. With us as your partners, you'll be the hero of the merch game!

From Stranded to Branded: Our Designs Make Your Merchandise Pop, Crackle, and Wow Your Audience!

Are looking for a merchandise design agency to create memorable merchandise that brings your brand's story to life? Look no further! We provide a broad selection of custom designs for giveaways, apparel, and other products. Our talented design team takes time to comprehend your vision and creates designs that genuinely reflect your brand's personality. No idea is too small or large for us. Allow us to help showcase your unique brand in the best possible manner.

At Fleekbiz, we place a high priority on exceptional quality, attention to detail, and outstanding customer service. Our objective is to deliver your custom merch with ease and minimal stress, allowing you to focus on what truly matters - building your brand. We offer proficiency to manage all your merchandise necessities, including t-shirts, hats, posters, and more. Also, we provide design services and custom packaging designs for a wide range of supplies such as stickers and keychains. Together, we'll create a merch line your fans will love. Count on us to be your hero and make memorable merch.


Our team of dedicated graphic designers is committed to producing exceptional designs that truly capture your brand essence. Let us help you to create merchandise designs that will make an undeniable impact. Our revolutionary strategists have a proven track record of transforming brands through amazing projects, which you can explore in our impressive merchandise design portfolio.

Why Choose Us

We conduct in-depth research on your brand to unearth its stories and craft impactful merchandise that strengthens engagement. With us, you can shape a distinctive identity aligned with your core principles.

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Creative Merchandise Design Strategy

Our team of professional designers excels in making your merchandise stand out from the competition. With vast experience and meticulous attention to every detail, we ensure that your products not only have a unique identity but also catch the viewer's eye. Our strategy captures your brand's personality and makes a lasting impression on your target audience. We get your brand out there by combining creative solutions with our unique approach. With us, you can rest assured that every aspect of your merchandise will be top-notch, giving your customers a moment they will remember forever.

Merchandise Design Customization

A visually stunning and distinctive design could be game changer in promoting a brand. We consider your unique requirements when tailoring designs, whether it's for promoting a product or organizing an event. Our team of experts works closely with you to create the ideal design that reflects your vision. Stand out with captivating designs that set your brand apart from the competition. Let us help you make a statement with authentic and exclusive designs.

Product Range Design

Our services for merchandise design provide a broad range of options at your disposal, covering t-shirts, hats, mugs, stickers, and more. Our team of experts is committed to delivering high quality designs that encompass your brand and capture your artistic vision. Whether you prefer a minimalist or bold approach, we guarantee satisfaction with our diverse range of design alternatives. Don't settle for anything less; let us assist you in bringing your merchandise to life with our comprehensive design offerings.

Branding Expertise

When it comes to branding, it is more important than just putting your logo on a t-shirt. That's why we offer expertise in branding as well as merchandise. Our deep understanding of what makes a brand memorable allows us to create merchandise your fans will love. We handle everything from color selection and material choice to design creation that genuinely captures your brand's personality. Working with us ensures that your merchandise will be an extension of your brand, helping you build customer loyalty and recognition.

Trend Awareness

Staying current and ahead of the game is crucial in the fashion and merchandise industry. At Fleekbiz, we take great pride in staying ahead of the latest and emerging trends. However, we go the extra mile by ensuring the incorporation of these trends seamlessly into your designs without compromising your brand identity. Our goal is to achieve the perfect harmony between integrating new styles and maintaining the uniqueness of your brand's identity. With our fashion forward team, we guarantee you'll be on-trend and in style, always.

Outstanding Customer Service

At Fleekbiz, we take pride in not only creating stunning designs but also developing enduring relationships with our clients. We deliver exceptional customer service starting with the initial consultation to the final delivery. Our team closely collaborates with each client to ensure that their vision is realized through high-quality designs that exceed their expectations. It's vital that our clients are satisfied and therefore, we provide competitive pricing without compromising the quality of our work. Fleekbiz values our clients' success, and we are committed to building long-lasting relationships beyond the scope of any project.

Transparent Pricing

Discover how we can help your brand make a bold statement. Explore our range of merch design packages to find one that best fits your budget. We offer various prices to accommodate a wide range of budgets. Contact us today to learn more.

  • Basic

    • Budget-Friendly
    • Perfect for Promotions
    • 1 Newsletter design
    • Custom dynamic page
    • 36 hours delivery
    • 3 Revisions
    • 5 Stock Images

    Add on $150

    • Web hosting for 12 months
    • 1 E-mail (Storage up to 100MB)
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  • Advanced

    • For the Boom
    • Online Presence at a Price You Can Afford
    • 6 Custom Dynamic Pages
    • 1 Newsletter design
    • 48 hours delivery
    • 5 Revisions
    • Product Mockups

    Add on $150

    • Web hosting for 12 months
    • 3 E-mail (Storage up to 100MB)
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  • Premium

    • For the Win!
    • Your dream website at a price you'll love
    • Custom unique designs/ Workflows
    • Payment Integrations
    • Custom Dashboards
    • 5 Revisions
    • Unlimited Revisions

    Add on $150

    • Web hosting for 12 months
    • 5 E-mail (Storage up to 100MB)
    • Data Entry Service / Product Uploading (One Time)
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  • What will I get in the merchandise design?

    Our design services provide a wealth of creative files for online and offline use. We offer a wide range of popular formats, including AI, PSD, PDF, PNG, and JPG, allowing you to access and modify the designs with ease. You enjoy full ownership and control over the visual elements of your brand.

  • How much does merchandise design cost?

    Our range of merchandise packages begins at $199. The cost of merchandise design varies based on factors, such as the complexity of the design, the project's scope, and the merchandise's intended use. Contact us to learn further about the costs.

  • What types of merchandise design can you do?

    At our design studio, we focus on enhancing your brand's image through a range of promotional merchandise. Our offerings span from wearables – including t-shirts, hats, and bags – to functional items such as pens, mugs, and keychains. Looking for grandiose products? Our talented team specializes in trade show displays, banners, signage, and more. Get in touch now to learn more.

  • Do you create designs for online stores or e-commerce platforms?

    Yes, if you're involved in the e-commerce industry, you're likely seeking ways to differentiate your products from competitors. Fortunately, we have a solution. Our team is adept at developing tailored designs for online platforms, featuring captivating images and mockups that make your products stand out. Let us help you effectively promote your merchandise in a timely manner.

  • Do you provide designs for both physical and digital merchandise?

    Yes, we specialize in creating striking designs for various products, be it physical or digital. Our team is proficient in designing captivating graphics for social media platforms, email templates, and digital adverts that instantly capture attention. Regardless of the medium, our commitment is to deliver visually stunning and one-of-a-kind designs that stand out from the crowd while conveying the intended message.

  • How can I ensure the quality of my merchandise designs and their effectiveness in spreading the brand message?

    We closely collaborate with you throughout the design process to guarantee high-quality and effective merchandise designs. We value your feedback and prioritize regular meetings to align with your brand ideals. This approach ensures the final designs match your vision and effectively promote your brand or message.

Great finished product and timely delivery. I enjoyed working with Fleekbiz and feel I got my money’s worth.


Despite my lack of knowledge of the development process, everything went smoothly. Completely in love with the results!


Helped us analyze where our brand strategy lacked. I highly recommend Fleekbiz for startups or established businesses!


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