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Welcome to Fleekbiz, the best ecommerce SEO agency in Houston, where help your ecommerce websites rank at the top of SERPs! Whether you're looking to climb the SERP rankings, increase traffic to your ecommerce store, or boost sales, our ecommerce SEO experts combine top SEO strategies to help businesses like yours achieve your goals of profitability.

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Do you want your ecommerce store to thrive in the growing landscape of online marketplaces? You’re at the right place! We’ll provide you with all the ecommerce SEO marketing services you need to outgrow your competition. We deliver data-driven ecommerce SEO solutions tailored specifically for your business needs. We offer a complete suite of ecommerce SEO packages that has everything from keyword research, on-page optimization, technical SEO, link building, and more.

We believe in a data-driven and focused approach to deliver long-term results that catapult your ecommerce website to the growth trajectory. From optimizing your site's architecture and schema markup to conducting in-depth competitor analysis and tracking your site's performance with advanced analytics, you can count on us for all your ecommerce SEO needs. Skyrocket your ecommerce website today by getting in touch now!


Our ecommerce SEO services can help skyrocket your website’s online presence! Our experts have a track record of consistently delivering promising search engine rankings regardless of the business size or niche. Join us today to elevate your business with us! Feel free to contact us now to book your ecommerce consultation!

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Investing in the best SEO agency for ecommerce is an important decision for any e-business looking for online success. With years of experience in providing industry-leading SEO services for ecommerce websites, we can help you enhance your visibility in SERPs by elevating your website’s ranking.

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    Keyword Research

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    On/Off Page Optmization

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Keyword Research & Implementation

Our team of ecommerce SEO experts is highly experienced when it comes to finding the right keywords for ecommerce sites so they can rank in the search engine results pages (SERPs). With thorough research, we determine which keyphrases and long-tailed keywords will bring more web visitors to your website. Not only that, we identify low-competition keywords and recommend product category-specific phrases. We also analyze relevant search volumes and organic competition levels for each keyword which allows us to develop a focused keyword strategy that will drive more traffic to your online store.

Product Page Optimization

We understand the importance of optimizing product and category pages for the success of your listings in search engines. This is done by enhancing content, headings, and meta descriptions along with making sure that title tags and images are relevant and meet best practices as they help improve visibility in organic search results. Utilizing comprehensive keyword research to ensure these associated elements are optimized for relevancy in the SERPs is one of the many ways our ecommerce SEO experts can assist you in meeting your goal of driving more traffic to your online store.

SEO Copywriting

We understand how important it is for companies to have their content resonate with both consumers and search engine algorithms. That’s why we create content that appeals to both readers and search engine algorithms. By making sure our content is engaging, high-quality, and keyword-rich, we can ensure that it converts potential visitors into customers while its visibility increases in search results pages (SERPs). To ensure the maximum optimization of our content, we use keyword research techniques to identify popular keywords and keyphrases used by people when searching for related products or services. Once identified, these keywords are then strategically placed within the copy to create informative, keyword-rich content with great readability for the audience.

eCommerce SEO Audit

If you want to improve your ecommerce store’s online visibility and boost your online sales, our ecommerce SEO experts are here. we use industry-leading strategies to carry out comprehensive audits of your website to track performance as well as to ensure accurate and up-to-date analytics. Not only that, our experts will provide you with regular reports on the progress of your website and pinpoint where changes may be beneficial for further growth. With our expert help, you can always be proactive and position yourself ahead of your competition and have a successful presence in the SERPs.

Content Creation

We understand the importance of creating high-quality, informative, and engaging content for your products that captivate your customers. We will help ensure that your ecommerce store visitors convert to buyers through our use of keyword research and compelling narratives. Our team stays up to date on best practices for web copywriting and SEO. Not only that, our expert graphic designers will craft engaging visuals for your products or services that will surely increase your customer’s interest in your product. In addition, we will optimize product pages so they are as effective as possible when creating conversions. With an engaged audience through effective content writing and mesmerizing visuals, you can rest easy knowing that your ecommerce store will outperform the competition!

Link Building

With our specialized ecommerce SEO techniques, your ecommerce store will soar to new heights in organic search results. Our data-driven approach ensures your brand stands out amongst the competition. We also manually outreach to other websites and create high-quality backlinks that boost the credibility of your store. Potential consumers will see your ecommerce store as an authentic and trusted source, resulting in increased visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs). This means more potential customers will discover your brand and will ultimately lead to an increase in your ecommerce store’s success.

Local eCommerce SEO

We will help your ecommerce website reach your local audience through cutting-edge local SEO. We will optimize your ecommerce site for local searches by utilizing strategies such as creating and optimizing a Google My Business (GMB) page. This will help ensure that your ecommerce website ranks high in the SERPs as well as Google Maps, increasing visibility and getting more local customers to engage with your store. Our SEO professionals will provide you with the much-needed strategy to gain a competitive edge among other local businesses.

Transparent Pricing

Get the best ecommerce SEO services to unlock your online business's ultimate potential! Partner with us and craft a distinguished ecommerce website that is sure to stand out amongst competitors. With our expertise, we can help you create something truly magical!

  • Basic

    • Theme Based Design
    • Contact Forms
    • Mobile Responsive
    • Social Networks Integration
    • Secure Payment Integration via PayPal
    • 10 Products Capacity Unlimited
    • 5 Categories Capacity
    • 5 Pages Design
    • Content Management System

    Add on $150

    • Web hosting for 12 months
    • 2 E-mail (Storage up to 100MB)
    • Data Entry Service (One Time)
    • Product Uploading (One Time)
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  • Advanced

    • Custom Website Design
    • Contact Forms
    • Mobile Responsive
    • Social Networks Integration
    • Secure Payment Integration via PayPal
    • 20 Products Capacity Unlimited
    • 10 Categories Capacity
    • Coupon Code Management
    • Volume Discount Feature
    • 10 Pages
    • Content Management System

    Add on $200

    • Web hosting for 12 months
    • 5 E-mail (Storage up to 100MB)
    • Data Entry Service (One Time)
    • Product Uploading (One Time)
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  • Premium

    • Custom Website Design
    • Contact Forms
    • Mobile Responsive
    • Social Networks Integration
    • Secure Payment Integration via PayPal
    • Products Capacity Unlimited
    • Unlimited Categories Capacity
    • Stock Control
    • Coupon Code Management
    • Volume Discount Feature
    • Number of Pages Unlimited
    • Content Management System

    Add on $250

    • Web hosting for 12 months
    • 8 E-mail (Storage up to 100MB)
    • Data Entry Service (One Time)
    • Product Uploading (One Time)
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  • How much do ecommerce SEO services cost?

    Our ecommerce SEO plans start at just $299 per month! Ecommerce SEO services prices can vary widely based on the service level and scope of the project.

  • Do I need to continue ecommerce SEO once my store has ranked?

    Yes! Maintaining good ecommerce SEO practices is a critical component of having a successful website. Search engines are continually updating their algorithms, and user behavior as well as competition also continues to evolve. In addition, technical issues may occasionally hinder your site's SEO process. Therefore, achieving and maintaining a strong search engine ranking requires constant effort and investment in your ecommerce store’s SEO.

  • How long will my ecommerce website SEO take?

    There is no fixed answer to how long the SEO process takes. It all depends on the competition, the age of the website, the strategies used, and content quality. While the results may take a few months or more, persistence will keep you at the top of your game.

  • Is ecommerce SEO better than Paid Advertisements?

    There’s no straightforward answer to this question. Paid ads usually deliver results quickly and target specific audiences, but SEO is a more budget-friendly solution with a lasting impact. It all narrows down to your business's needs and how much you're investing in the future of your online presence.

  • How between local SEO differs from ecommerce SEO?

    Local SEO enhances a website’s visibility in local search results. But ecommerce SEO improves the visibility of an ecommerce website in organic search results. These two types of SEO often overlap as they both focus on enhancing the online presence of a business. Local SEO can sometimes incorporate additional tactics like optimizing Google My Business listings and other directories to increase exposure for small and large businesses alike.

  • Can ecommerce SEO help increase sales?

    Yes, absolutely! Effective ecommerce SEO can increase sales by driving qualified traffic to an ecommerce website and improving conversion rates. By optimizing product pages, user experience, site speed, and building quality backlinks, ecommerce SEO can improve the visibility, credibility, and trustworthiness of an ecommerce store. This leads to increased sales and revenue.

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