Stunning eBook Design Services in Houston to Captivate Readers

Looking for top-notch eBook design services in Houston? Our expert eBook designers create captivating and visually appealing eBooks to help you stand out.

Do you want to turn your ebook from "meh" to "OMG, I need to read it ASAP!"? Then you need our ebook design service! Our team of ebook design experts will take your ebook to another level with cover designs so amazing, your readers will want to frame them on their walls. And the inside of your ebook? We’ll sprinkle our magic with stunning graphics, slick typography, and layouts that will make your readers hinged on the first look! We know that your ebook reflects your message, so we take the time to refine our design so they always complement your ideas. Whether you want something sleek and modern or fun and playful, we've got the skills to make everything happen.

If you're looking to differentiate your ebook from the rest, our exceptional design services are just what you need. We are committed to leaving a lasting impression on your readers by offering an expertly crafted and fluid reading experience that is sure to set your work apart. We take pride in ensuring your ebook captures your reader's at


Our graphic designers are dedicated to providing exceptional designs that captivate your audience. eBook covers are no exceptions! With our impressive portfolio, you can explore the stunning eBook designs that have helped numerous authors entice their readers.

Why Choose Us?

At our core, we focus on you, our clients. We collaborate with you to uncover your book's essence, creating ebook designs that captivate from the very first glance – wanting people to buy and read!

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eBook Cover Design

Although a familiar saying advises against it, many of us still judge a book by its cover. When it comes to ebooks, the cover plays an even more important role as it is the reader's initial impression. Thus, a top-notch cover is crucial to capture potential readers' attention and convince them to buy the book. Our team will collaborate with you to design a cover that appears true to your book's essence while also appearing highly professional. Trust us; with our assistance, your cover will attract even the most critical readers.

eBook Cover Composition

It is important to make sure your ebook's cover is not only eye-catching but well-balanced and visually pleasing. Lucky for you, we've got professionals who know just how to achieve that goal. With the help of symmetry, leading lines, and other compositional techniques, our competent experts will make sure your book stands out on the virtual shelves. So don't settle for a lackluster cover and let us help you create one that's as witty and captivating as the words within.

Creative eBook Branding

Let's face it, your ebook is essentially your baby. Just as a parent wants their child to represent them well, you want your ebook to reflect your brand's identity positively. Our team collaborates with you to apprehend your ebook's core essence and design a visually compelling masterpiece that makes an everlasting impression. Impeccable branding can change everything between an unnoticed book and a noteworthy one. Allow us to craft the design while you add that special touch that makes your writing truly unique.

eBook Images & Graphics

Boring books? Not on our watch! We're all about breaking stereotypes, and that includes the idea that book covers have to be plain and dull. No way! That's why we put our creative hats on and utilize premium graphics and images to design ebook covers that exude elegance and sophistication. We're experts when it comes to choosing the perfect images and graphics that will complement and enhance the vibe of your book. So leave the boring stuff behind and let us help make your book standout with a cohesive and polished cover design!

eBook Market Research

You might be tempted to judge a book by its cover, but in the world of ebooks, that cover is all you have to catch a reader's eye. That's why it's important to do some market research and see what the competition is up to. Luckily for you, we've got our finger on the pulse of design trends in your genre. We'll help you decipher what makes a great cover, and what falls flat. Plus, with our creative minds at work, we'll brainstorm some ideas that will have your cover standing out in a sea of sameness. Get ready to turn some virtual heads, because your book is about to look hotter than a Kindle on a summer day.

eBook Design Customization

We know that every ebook has a unique vibe, style, and target audience. Therefore, we offer customization options to help you design the ebook of your dreams, perfectly suited to your vision. Our expert designers work closely with you to create customized designs and bold and bright color schemes tailored to your specific needs. Bid adieu to generic designs and say hello to one-of-a-kind masterpieces that truly represent your brand. Let's get creative!

Transparent Pricing

Discover how we make your ebook stand out from the crowd! Check out our selection of ebook design packages and choose one that fits your budget. We offer different prices to suit everyone. Contact us today for more information.

  • Basic

    • Budget-Friendly
    • Perfect for Promotions
    • 1 Newsletter design
    • Custom dynamic page
    • 36 hours delivery
    • 3 Revisions
    • 5 Stock Images

    Add on $150

    • Web hosting for 12 months
    • 1 E-mail (Storage up to 100MB)
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  • Advanced

    • For the Boom
    • Online Presence at a Price You Can Afford
    • 6 Custom Dynamic Pages
    • 1 Newsletter design
    • 48 hours delivery
    • 5 Revisions
    • Product Mockups

    Add on $150

    • Web hosting for 12 months
    • 3 E-mail (Storage up to 100MB)
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  • Premium

    • For the Win!
    • Your dream website at a price you'll love
    • Custom unique designs/ Workflows
    • Payment Integrations
    • Custom Dashboards
    • 5 Revisions
    • Unlimited Revisions

    Add on $150

    • Web hosting for 12 months
    • 5 E-mail (Storage up to 100MB)
    • Data Entry Service / Product Uploading (One Time)
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  • How much does an ebook design?

    The pricing for ebook design service packages begins at $199. The cost varies considerably based on the project's complexity and the level of customization needed. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us for more pricing information.

  • How much time does it take to design an ebook cover?

    We’ll design your ebook cover in three days! The duration for ebook cover design tends to differ depending on the scope of the project. Please contact us to discuss timelines and project delivery for a seamless experience.

  • Do you create designs for print books as well?

    Of course! We provide print design services for authors who require to create a print version of their ebook. We develop a customized design for the print book that complements the ebook design while preserving a consistent brand identity.

  • Do you design audiobook covers and other printing services?

    Yes, we design audiobook covers, too! Also, from web banners necessary for your digital marketing campaign to bookmarks and audiobook covers, our array of designing services can help bring any project or concept you have in mind to life. Get the creative juices flowing! Contact us today to get started!

  • Do you offer merchandise design?

    Yes, we also provide design services for a wide range of promotional items. From wearables like t-shirts, hats, and bags to functional stuff such as pens, mugs, and keychains. And if you're searching for something fabulous, we've got you covered with our expert team specializing in trade show displays, banners, signage, and more. Let's chat to find out more.

  • Will I own the copyrights to the ebook cover design?

    Yes! When you've finished the project and paid for your ebook cover design, copyrights will be transferred to you; ensuring that the creative work is yours alone.

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