Ever heard the phrase “All things are difficult before they are easy”? That was our impression when we first got the brief for alloy, a sports betting platform. A tough nut to crack, but possible!


Appiell is a comprehensive digital product addressing your skincare & aesthetic needs. Simplicity and femininity are significant aspects of their business that we incorporated into their overall brand designs.


Khodry is a startup owned by a middle eastern couple. Their brand revolved around eating healthy and quality, so the design aesthetics needed to reflect that.


We had the most beautiful aesthetic to work with Zadashe because the brand guide laid out was timeless. It appeals to a broad spectrum of people while still exuding modern, chic, and luxe vibes.

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Regardless of the product, premium brands must maintain coherence and consistency in their visuals. For example, a business in San Francisco asked for our assistance in creating a brand identity for their luxurious line of wristwatches.


Melanin is an organic skincare line that roots in Morocco and focuses on decreasing spots and pigmentation on the skin. We incorporated their vision of a luxury, organic, and unisex brand into the design visuals by giving it a Mediterranean vibe.